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Mrs. Jay Bogollagama

We are so happy you are considering joining the family here at Early Years Montessori School. As a young woman and mother of three, I was always fascinated with early education. I saw first-hand how the Montessori philosophy, it's joyful work and play, calls to a child and feeds their inner needs in a meaningful way. This experience led me to my Montessori Diploma and my first head teacher position.

In 1988, I established Early Years Montessori School as a safe, nurturing place where a stimulating curriculum helps children explore and grow. Since then, children from across Northern Virginia have grown and thrived with us, and moved on with their education fully prepared for the next challenge.

Dr. Montessori's time-tested approach focuses on the development of the whole child, physically and socially, as well as emotionally, and cognitively, and continuing professional education is an essential best practice. This is why my teachers and I are also dedicated to continuing our professional education, such as IMS's recent Creating the New Education workshop, so that we can continue to adapt and enrich our Montessori curriculum to the growing needs of today's children.

In 2015, I was honored to be recognized by my peers at the International Montessori Society with an article in the Montessori News about our success here at Early Years Montessori School. I invite you to visit us weekdays from 9am to 11 am to observe first-hand how we can help your child learn and grow together.

Mrs. Jay Bogollagama, Director


Best Preschools In Northern Virginia

Best Preschools In Northern Virginia

Are you looking around at early education for your child, aged 2-6? Early Years Montessori School is considered one of the best preschools in Northern Virginia. If you’re interested in a foundational development learning environment that is simply better than anything else you’ll find, consider making a call to EYMS to find out more about what they have to offer your child.


Early Years Montessori School is much more than just another babysitting service for preschool children- and let’s face it, that’s exactly what many pretend they’re not but fit the bill perfectly. Your child deserves a nurturing, stimulating environment that offers the opportunity to explore and communicate with other students in a safe and structured classroom that is simple yet organized for the enjoyment of every student. Consider just a few of the numerous benefits of Montessori teaching:


- The Montessori curriculum keenly focuses on several key developmental stages in young children, including large muscle development, communication, fine motor skills, and much more. Children given the opportunity to explore at their own pace are more apt to blossom intellectually under the unique environment.


- Montessori ‘classrooms’ are set up quite differently than the traditional classroom, making activities available in stations students may visit and explore as a microcosm of the classroom. Students select the activities they wish to engage in under the nurturing and guidance of the teacher.


- Montessori champions mentoring as students learn in a mixed-age classroom that is designed to meet the unique needs of the child, rather than being centered around the convenience of the teacher. Younger children learn to follow the examples of older students through observing and imitating. Mentoring is one of the main reasons why Montessori schools are among the best preschools in Northern Virginia.


- Teachers are guides, and are there to encourage and assist each child in becoming their best. In today’s unimaginative environment, teachers in public and private school classrooms gravitate to the actions of their peers, hardly able to remove themselves from the standards pre-set for them before they even take to the classroom. In the Montessori classroom, teachers purposefully intend to remain as unobtrusive as possible to their students’ natural curiosity and opportunity to truly learn.


- Montessori learning recognizes that creativity-based learning allows students to work at tasks for the sheer joy of the work- alone and unimpeded! Forget the end result- simply going through the motions guarantees that the child is learning, which is a result in itself.


- Montessori is keenly aware of the individual needs of each student- and meets them where they are on their journey of discovery.


For children ages 2-6, Early Years Montessori School is among the very best preschools in Northern Virginia. For more than 30 years, local families have trusted EYMS for the care and education of their children- and have not been disappointed. Feel free to call EYMS at 703-237-0264 with any questions you may have or to find out more about the Montessori method of learning.



Best Preschools In Northern Virginia
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